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Optimizing Mental Health Care: The Crucial Role of Scheduling Software

neetoCRM got task calendar view, autofill new lead, inactive days configuration, won-lost deal and task notifications

neeto is all about getting things done

neeto Marketing Updates for October

neetoGit got workflows user-interface and workflows conditions

Introducing neeto's New YouTube Series: neeto Design Decisions

neeto Marketing Updates for September

neetoSite got embed block, refined templates, icon picker component and more

Interest rate is of interest

Product Hunt Launch Journey of neetoCal

neeto Marketing Updates for August

neetoSite got revamped blocks, global theme, scroll triggered animation, custom block and more

neetoGit got GitHub integration, easy assigning of issues, tracking status and more

neetoCI got multiple workflows, trigger, cache optimization and more

neetoForm got themes, customizable closed message, zapier integration, editable form link and more

neeto Marketing Updates for July

neetoTestify got GitHub Integration, test cases rearrangement, project level settings and more

nanos make neeto better

neetoCal, a calendly alternative, is a commodity and is priced accordingly

neeto Marketing Updates for June

neetoCI got Rerun, CI job pages, Activity monitoring, scheduler and more

neetoDeploy got database export, database metrics, multiple addons and CLI

neeto Marketing Updates for May: A recap of our first steps

neetoRunner, the code assessment tool, got assessments with no fixed date, downloading of test cases and more

neetoMonitor got bulk creation and status page enhancements

neetoSocial got scheduling report, audience demographics in youtube, calendar UI for scheduling and more

neetoCal has multiple calendar support, slack integration and discount code

neetoSite got hero with slider, feature with image blocks, template preview and more

Dynamic styling in neetoSite using styled-components

neetoCRM got capturing leads, bulk action, lead import, task summary and technical improvements

neetoCourse got neetoEditor, security, course preview & google login

neetoForm got conditional logic, stripe payment, webhooks, IP restrictions and more

neetoTestify got bulk updates, duplicate steps, ancestry gem, formikEditor and more

neetoUI is the UI library of neeto

neeto products and people